Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Diabetes Daily Dose: Pump Wear Inc. Review

Pump Wear Inc. was very gracious in sending my daughter two pump cases to review. This couldn't have came at a better time since November is Diabetes Awareness Month and fits into my "Diabetes Daily Dose". 

Pump Wear Inc. is a place for all the pumpers out there. Their goal is a place for "Kids to be Kids" and "Adults have Fun". Their products range from Pump Packs, Pump T-shirts, to Medical Alerts. The prices on everything is very affordable and well worth it for those little pumpers to be comfortable and in style with their insulin pumps! 

Pump Wear Inc. also does the "Wall of Change" campaign to support finding a cure for diabetes. You can see my daughter Haileys picture HERE.

They sent the Little Princess Pump Case and the Zipps Pump Case for my daughter.

My daughter is an avid Softball player so the Zipps Case couldn't be more perfect. While playing in her games she can use this one because it tucks all the tubing into the case so no worries on her tubing getting caught, etc. My daughter hasn't played in a game yet since we got the case but she has tried it out and she loves how it "hides" all the tubing and she's not constantly having to tuck all the tubing into her pants. 
The Little Princess Case is perfect for her to wear to school. It's super cute and perfect for her age. She loved showing off her new "accessory" to all her classmates!! This can be worn under or over her clothes it's whichever she chooses to do. As most of you know Hailey is super tiny and she use to have to clip her pump inside the pocket of her jeans. With her being so tiny and her clothes as well it was hard for her to really move around comfortably because the pump was so bulky in her pocket. So now with the pump cases she's able to move about with ease, that couldn't make me more happier!!

I knew that I was going to receive the two pump cases for Hailey to review but we got a very very special gift inside the package as well!! Pump Wear Inc. also sent my daughter a Pump Shirt which has the pocket on the bottom to hold her pump in!!

So if your a pumper or have a little pumper Pump Wear Inc. is the place for all your little accessories. They understand how important it is for us and they go above and beyond to supply you the wants and needs that come with having a pump.

I would greatly appreciate if you head over to Pump Wear Inc. Facebook and tell them Thank You for supporting Diabetes and giving Extreme Southern Couponing the opportunity to do this review!!

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