Beginners Guide

Beginners Guide

Are you trying to learn to coupon & feel like pulling your hair out? Your just not understanding how to get the maximum savings like everyone else is?

Read our Beginner Guide to help soothe your process and feel free to EMAIL ME if you have any questions.


-You need to start off by collecting coupons. You can do so by buying Sunday paper, asking family,friends & coworkers for coupons they don't use.
-Check sites such as, & for great printable coupons. Usually a limit of 2 prints per like coupon.
-After you've collected your coupons then what??

Check out our Binder Organization on how to get all those coupons you've been collecting organized

~Now you have all your coupons ready to go. Now to get the best deals you need to match the sales ad with the coupons you have.

CVS has Crest Toothpaste for $1.99
Use your $1 coupon
Making it $.99
BUT wait cvs is also offering $1 ECB (Extra Care Bucks) when you buy Crest, making it FREE


* You've been hearing or seeing on Extreme Couponing on TLC everyone's HUGE stockpiles, well that usually isn't typical. Yes stockpiling is the purpose to couponing at a reasonable means. Stock up enough to last your family about 6 months. Products will go on sale again & you will be able to get them cheap/free. Sales usually come back around in a 12 week period.


* Here at Extreme Southern Couponing deeply believe in donating. It doesn't have to be to a big organaztion. You can donate to ANYONE. It may be to a family from church that needs it. Or your local school, pet shelter. If you can get an item for cheap to free & you know your family isn't going to ever use it, then it's the perfect item to donate. Many tell me "I don't have but a few things to donate, is it worth it"? Yes no matter what size/amount your donation is, whoever is recieving said items it will mean the world to them.

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