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Welcome to Extreme Southern Couponing!

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Hello everyone my name is Laura and I wanted to let you know just a little bit more about me :) I'm a stay at home mother to three beautiful kids, Katelyn, Hailey & Chase and a soon to be step mom to five wonderful kids, Amber, Erika, Hadan, Johnathon, & Jessica. Whew.....I know a lot of kids huh? :) I'm engaged to my best friend Chad and we have a HUGE family, were we reside in Kentucky. 
Back in April of 2011 a friend introduced me into couponing and it has only blossomed from there. I researched for weeks on "how to coupon", and after a few shopping trips I decided to start Extreme Southern Couponing. I wanted to share the knowledge I was learning with others to help them save as much as I was. Since then my fan base has grew a great deal & I love each one of my fans.
 I am what you might call a "Normal Couponer" if there is such a word :) I don't go to the store and buy $1,000 worth to only pay $50-I wish but no that's not likely here in my area.
-I hope you all have a blessed day & Happy Shopping-

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