Saturday, March 3, 2012

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I'm sure most you like myself are "Pinterest Addicts" so while browsing last night I found a really cute idea that really I should have thought of myself. But isn't that how how it goes with Pinterest......"Why didn't I think of that"? As most of you know I have those ugly plastic drawers that I use for some of my stockpile, I found the perfect thing to spruce them up a bit on Pinterest!!

This particular one is in my bathroom closet so it doesn't get seen that much expect ourselves, but I tend to show friends and family my stockpile or give them items from it so I figured why not, let's give it a "face lift". I love to scrapbook so I already had all the supplies I needed to do this up do!

I used several sheets of my scrapbook paper and measured the inside of the drawer and cut to size. I just used my craft glue to glue these down but you could use Mog Podge if you wanted a better hold. After all the sheets are glued into the inside, I used the paper that was left over and made the white tags on the outside. I just used some of my craft scissors to cut a "design" and glued them onto the outside of each drawer. Then I labeled each drawer for whatever it's use was, example: Razors or Oral Care. On one I used some stickers letters again from my scrapbook supplies and the other one I simply wrote what was in them. I personally like using the sticker letters better.

Now this is still a cheap plastic drawer but at least now it has a little flair, not so dull and most of all you can't see everything inside it anymore! Just a quick, cheap DIY project I wanted to share with you guys, hope you enjoyed! 

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