Monday, March 19, 2012

Mr. Chewy Review

I was given the great pleasure in reviewing Mr. and was thrilled with the service. If your a pet owner like myself this is the site to check out!
Here's some great info about Mr.
  • 70+ brands of dog and cat food, treats and supplies
  • Everyday low prices
  • Orders $49+ get FREE shipping!!
  • Prescription pet food available
  • Refer a friend & get 10% off + they'll donate $10 for every order placed to a charity.

My best furry friend is Axle, a Catahoula Red Leopard, to say the least he gets big and he's very active so you can only imagine what he can eat.

I was given $50 to pick any items from Mr. and I was very surprised at all that I was able to buy with $50. I mean lets face it you can't get much anymore with $50.  I placed my order Thursday afternoon and by Saturday the package had arrived! 
Below is everything I got for $50!

Once the package arrived, Axle knew right away it was his stuff! I was trying to take the picture for this blog post but Axle just couldn't contain his excitement and kept getting in the picture! I think he was so excited because he finally got something in the mail and not me!!

Overall I was very happy with the service of Mr.! They have tons of brands to choose from. Great all natural products and treats galore for your furry buddy. They have fast and accurate delivery service and all orders $49+ get free shipping! The website is very easy to navigate.
You can check out Mr. Chewy several ways:

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