Monday, April 9, 2012

Eclipse Candle Company Review & GIVEAWAY

I was given the great pleasure to review some very lovely products from Eclipse Candle Company from rep Kristin.

For my review I received: 
  • Ciara Warmer
  • Precious Pear Candle
  • Wickless Memory Melts
A little about Eclipse Candle Company:
-"Eclipse Candle Company (ECC) scented candles and Memory Melts are handcrafted with exceptional waxes and the finest fragrance oils. Our candles are sold in top quality, beautifully finished 8 and 12 ounce glass containers and our designer 12 ounce tins. Our Memory Melts are a whopping 7 fluid ounces. Eclipse Candle Company also carries our own exclusive illuminated and dual purpose electric warmers."

-Eclipse Candle Company provides a 50% Profit fundraising program for organizations of all kinds and sizes.

Their Motto ~Quiet the Mind, Ignite the Senses~

In my family we are big on Home Fragrance items. We are always buying and trying out the newest Air Freshener or candle so I was super excited to try out Eclipse Candle Company. I honestly had not heard much about the company before this so of course I was skeptic at first.

The Precious Pear Candle is my favorite scent!! 

The first day of getting my beautiful package of goodies I tried out the Precious Pear candle. You could smell it without even having to light the wick. So I lit the candle and went about my usual daily things. I was very shocked to see that even after hours or burning I could still smell the candle as if I just lit it. Lets face it with some candles you buy once it's burning it either doesn't smell at all or all you smell is the wick burning, and to me that's money wasted because I would never use that candle again! So all in all the Eclipse Candle is well worth it!

Chad decided he wanted to test out the Ciara warmer and all the Memory Melts. We got Pina Colada Smoothie, Sunrise Paradise, Cherry Lime Slush and Alice and they were all wonderful spring scents. I really couldn't tell you which I loved the most but Chad's favorite was the Sunrise Paradise!! 

The Ciara Warmer is super easy and convenient and makes your whole house smell delicious. I like the fact that these melts are bigger than one's I've seen in the past. Just simply drop your square melt in the top of the warmer and your on your way to a fresh smelling house! 

Another great thing about the Ciara Warmer and the Tin Candles, simply take off the top part of the Warmer and place the tin candle on and it will melt as well. They say once you melt a candle with a wick not to try and burn it anymore so I didn't try it that way. 

Want to buy it? Take a browse around Kristin's Eclipse Candle Company Website to find your favorite products!

But one lucky Extreme Southern Couponing fan will get the chance to win the awesome & stylish Ciara Warmer, a value of $24 AND a Memory Melt of your choice ($9 Value)!!! 
So enter & Good Luck!!!

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Lisa Markson said...

Thanks for the giveaway

Lisa Markson said...

I like the warmers

Lisa Markson said...

I like the warmers

susie said...

i cant wait to try them! I ordered mine over two wks ago hopefully i get them today! lol

Anonymous said...

Thank You for the giveaway! Perfect spring scents.. <3

Anonymous said...

I love the giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to win!
Bethany Harris

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