Thursday, June 20, 2013

K'nex Product Review

You guys can probably tell by now that my household LOVES K'nex from my other K'nex Product Reviews. There is not a parent around that does not love to see their child playing with something other than electronics!! 

K'nex was generous enough to send me these products to review:
-K'nex Robo-Smash
-K'nex Robo-Strike
-K'nex Robo-Sting
-(3) 2pks K'nexmen

The new line of toys from K'nex, Robo - Creatures are motorized for exciting mechanical movement! They include over 150 pieces and hours of fun!! 

My youngest son and daughter spent hours building and playing with the new K'nex Robo collection. My son could NOT wait to get to the finished product and actually see the Robo - Strike move as shown in the video below!! 

My daughter loves building and trying to make new things work so building the K'nex Robo - Creatures were a true delight for her. Another reason as a mom that I love K'nex products. It lets your children use their imagination, create and build things with their own hands and actually see a finished product at the end. 

My son of course loved the motor part of the creature. He was so excited about the whole ordeal that he played with the motor alone while his sister did most of the building! 

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